I’ve never had a massage before. Do I need to bring anything with me?

No. Just yourself. If you can, wear casual clothes so you can undress easily. If you are coming from work we have clothes hangers available.


I’m rather private. Do I have to get fully undressed to have a massage?

The only person more concerned about your privacy than you, is your therapist. Many of our clients, but not all, are completely undressed for their massage. At no time are you ever completely exposed during your session. The therapist will uncover one area at a time and cover you back up as they move to a new area. When you roll over, your sheet will be lifted to separate you from your therapist. At no time is your privacy ever violated. We are professionals and we treat you accordingly. You can undress to your comfort level.


I’m self-conscious about my body. I have a hairy back, funny lump, scar, (insert embarrassing body feature here).

Did we fail to mention we only work on supermodels here?! Our bad. Kidding! Don’t worry about it. We are regular folk just like you. We have seen hundreds of clients and believe it or not everyone has something they are self-conscious about. What is important is that you relax. Enjoy the experience and don’t worry about a thing. If you still feel funny, talk to us about it. Our job is to make your experience at In Touch the most enjoyable and beneficial it can be.


I had a massage before and it kinda hurt.

This is a common complaint and it’s a shame because massage can be so enjoyable and beneficial. The most important skill we possess is communication. We pride ourselves on our great service and sensitivity to your needs. Deep tissue massage can be an intense experience for those new to this type of massage therapy. For many of our clients looking for therapeutic work, they understand the experience and are prepared for the deep pressure. They also know the great relief that comes with this type of massage. But it’s not for everyone. If you are the least bit uncomfortable, tell us! We’re here to serve you. And we want you to come back! We can’t read your mind so if you are uncomfortable, please speak up and help us help you.


What forms of payment to you accept?

Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. All payment is due when services are rendered. We don’t have revolving accounts.


Tell me about Gift Certificates.

They are available online, over the phone, and at In Touch. When you purchase gift certificates at In Touch they can be made out for any amount.


Available online, we have a choice of popular packages starting from a 1/2 hour massage on up . When you purchase online be sure to use the "Print Card" feature. Each package has a custom Gift Certificate announcement you can include with your gift. The announcement details the package you purchased. To purchase online just pick a package, enter the recipients name and click "Buy Now". When you complete your purchase, print your PayPal receipt and attach it to your gift announcement. That's it.


Gift Certificates don’t expire, but we do encourage they be used within 6-months.


Can you make me smarter, more attractive, athletic and musically gifted in one session?

Ummm. Well, no. We don't perform miracles. But we’re sure you’ll walk out feeling like a million bucks!