Fragrant Journey


Based on your goals of the experience you will select from a variety of blended aromatherapy oils designed for: relaxation, detoxification, balancing, stress relieving or invigorating. You then experience your personalized 30 minute massage using the selected blended oil introducing the absorption of the oils into your tissues. You are then wrapped and swaddled in a 100% cotton muslin sheet and heat retentive blankets for a retreat within. The treatment is then finished off with a hand and foot exfoliation and one of our results-driven facial which incorporates Phytomer products to address the needs of every skin type and condition. All facials are individually designed based on an assessment of your skin and your skin care goals. This includes recommendations for effective take-home programs to sustain those positive changes in the complexion which were achieved in the spa.

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  • Hand and Foot Exfoliation
  • One Hour Facial
  • Aromatherapy Wrap
  • 30 Minute Massage

2½ hours